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So like the title says it will focus on tv and movies,and what better show to kick things off with than the waking dead which returns for season 7 nxt monday night here in the uk 23 rd October:

The link below gives you the details , of course we have a huge cliffhanger since season 6 ended back in early 2016 ,and we all have our theorys as to who neegans bat lucile took out in our group i will reserve my opinion on that one, the producers have  said its going to be shocking and to prepare yourselfs to add to the hysteria only the waking dead can create…

Certainly one of the most popular shows to come out of the states in yrs , and when you consider the large uk presense within the show one that has a cult following here in the uk and worldwide, all thats left to say, is enjoy the opening episode,il give my thoughts on it at a later date :